FTV Sierra nude in public

Before you say “there’s no nudity in this video” let me explain. This video was hosted @ Dailymotion and they (in most cases) does not allow videos with pussy visible. And in this video with a cute blonde girl – FTV Sierra, there’s a lot of pussy! The action takes place in Arizona, she’s wearing no panties and she’s flashing her pussy all the time!

Later she sits on a bench in a public place and masturbates. She loves orgasms in public. Don’t believe me? Check out this pic as a proof!Sierra masturbates in public
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Library flashers

I really liked the idea of flashing boobs/ass/getting fully naked in the library, so I’ve collected a few videos of various girls doing it.
First there is this busty girl doing a quick flash . She’s filmed by a female friend.

It seems this is the source of this video

Now check out this cute blonde showing off both boobies (and they are all natural) sitting by the desk in the library.

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But this asian lady not only flash but gets fully nude in the library !

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FTV Victoria nude in public

Her name is FTV Victoria and she’s a cute girl next door type. She’s also an exhibitionist. Today she goes out and visits a car show. After checking out some cars she flashes her perfect natural boobs and takes off her bra. Then goes around the show flashing here and there. Later she masturbates in public. Watch full version here

Girls flashing pussy in the Library

If you ever visited a library in the past only to learn/study/read books , you’ve probably got no idea what you were missing! This video is a decent compilation of various girls flashing pussy in the library. Some take off their shorts completely while others just peel them to show off their shaved cooch.

If you like the compilation , then say F@%@!^ to the low quality , edited samples like the one you’ve watched, and go watch full lenght video in HD.

FTV Sammy toying her ass in public

Check out this cheerful and young blonde in glasses! Her name is Sammy and she’s a true exhibitionist. Here, in this video she’s only showing off a sample of her skills, but later she even tries anal masturbation in public using glass toy! Don’t believe me ? Check out her profile,search for Sammy: more of her at this website I really liked the part where she walks in public wearing sheer summer dress and no underwear at all.

Hippie girl flashing natural boobs

Check out this cheerful young hippie girl, eating out and flashing her nice, natural boobs in public restaurant. The rest of the video features her , back home and masturbating. If you want to read more about her, check out her profile This girl’s got incredible, natural body and she love public nudity. I say this is awesome.

Public lesbian sex

Check out these two hotties flashing boobs and having lesbian sex in totally public location – by the river ! You can see people jogging nearby but these two girls are not there to exercise. They’re going to kiss and have lesbian fun ! They’re playful, they’re pretty and they’re young ! I think I like the brown haired girl a bit more than the blonde, what do you think? If you like this short vid, and feel like watching full version. Click here to watch the rest

Walking the streets in lingerie

Check out this perfect blonde wearing ULTRA SKIMPY lingerie (her ass is like naked) and walking the city like that. She’s walking down the street, enters the mall and stuff. If you think it’s hot I’ve got good news for you, as I found a site where REAL people are uploading their flashing/exhibitionist videos. Enter the site for more of her, and not only her – they’ve got GIGS of this stuff.

Girl exposes ass in thong on the street

Today’s girl is not going to show off her pussy or boobs in public, HOWEVER she’s going to do something very similar. She’s going to TEASE in public by not wearing bra under sheer white top and by flashing half of her round ass in thong on the street. If you like such thing, then you really should check this website out. They’ve got plenty more and membership is dirt cheap.Irene Quinn no bra in public

College girl flashing boobs in the bus

This one is pretty funny – there is a school bus full of people. At the rear part of the bus there is a cute college girl constantly flashing boobs and pussy (those parts were removed) The girl’s really hot, cheerful and loves to show off in public. You can see the unedited video if you wish, watch full video here. Also if you love college girls, then let me tell you about a site, I’ve recently found, it’s full of them, and they’re willing to do anything. You’ll find them at this website

Girls flashing boobs on the beach

Although this blog is much more than just about “girls flashing” this sweet, little video is only about it. There are two hot girls having fun in the water and flashing their all natural boobs ! They took the “u got it FLASH IT” challenge. If you like such stuff, there are plenty more of REAL GIRLS doing it in various public places, mostly beaches. Check out more girls here